This timber frame replaced an 1800s barn that had collapsed in Lee, MA.
I was part of a crew that hand cut the frame in a shop in Housatonic over several months.
It is mostly white Pine with white Oak sills and diagonal braces. All the wood was cut green.

This was some of the most physically demanding work I’ve ever done and I was ragged at the end of a day of relentless mortise chopping and hand sawing. On top of this, just moving around the various components (a bunch of times during the cutting phase) was a massive labor. The largest beams were 10X12s, and completely sodden. These were virtually unliftable and had to be rolled around on pipes and otherwise moved with mechanical advantage.

Erecting the frame was pretty fun, using come-alongs attached to trees on site to ratchet up the bents.

I wound up cutting most of the frame. I also framed the gable end walls, the roof, and the built the stairs. A fun, satisfying project.

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